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Kor Whitening Aftercare Information

  • Your teeth may be sensitive for a few days after whitening so we recommend using our Prescription Sensitive Fluorimax 5000 Toothpaste.
  • You may eat and drink clear liquids immediately.
  • Continue to abstain from dark liquids until whitening treatment is completed at home.
  • After completion of the in-office whitening, you may continue nightly whitening at-home (with any leftover whitening gel from the prior 2 weeks) until all the remaining KöR-Night whitening gel is used. If interested in continuing whitening at home you may start this nightly whitening tonight or tomorrow night to help “set” the color.
  • Accelerated Maintenance begins after the in-office whitening visit and after you have completed the remaining at home whitening gel
    • Example of accelerated maintenance:
      • Three nights per week for a month, then
      • Two nights per week for a month, then
      • One night a week for a month, then
      • One night every-other week for a month.
  • Long Term Maintenance is recommended to all patients who whiten a minimum of one night per month to maintain whitening results after the active phase of KöR Whitening is completed. This provides permanent whiteness, even when patients continue to consume their favorite staining beverages such as coffee and tea.

You may purchase refill KöR-Night Whitening gel in our practice anytime you need!

Congratulations on your new bright white smile!

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