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Safe Dental Water

At Lollipop Dental, you can count on us to provide 100% safe quality water at every dental visit. Water quality means a lot to us and we want to make sure your kids get nothing but the best.

Many dental offices in Southern California have experienced an outbreak of mycobacteria. This has caused dozens of kids to become infected, and some have even been hospitalized. This outbreak has caused us to become extra vigilant in our efforts to protect every child who receives dental care in our office.

We follow OSHA recommendations for monitoring water quality and meet the requirements set by the Dental Board of California, including:

  • At the beginning of each workday, dental unit lines and devices are purged with air or flushed with water for at least two minutes prior to attaching handpieces, scalers, air water syringe tips or other devices. The dental unit lines and devices are flushed between each patient for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  • All water meets EPA regulatory standards for drinking water.
  • Recommendations are followed for monitoring water quality.

Additional testing is also performed by a third party independent lab where we send water samples on a regular basis.

Our priority is the health of every child. Many of our team members have children of their own and we understand the importance of water safety. Check out the Q&A sheet from OSAP for more information. If you have any questions regarding water safety, please call our office for more information.

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