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Infant Oral Care

Dental care is important at any age, but especially for your children when their teeth are sensitive and impressionable! Building a good foundation for a healthy smile should start early, and at Lollipop Dental, we make that foundation fun! Creating good dental habits at home and at the dentist can help your child avoid dental problems down the road. Our pediatric dentists can help provide the best dental care for your child through every developmental stage, from an infant to their teenage years! 

Healthy Smiles Start Here!

We believe that a healthy smile can help your child grow into a more confident person, too. A pediatric dentist can connect with your child on their level and give them the confidence they need to be proud of their smile. Even as an infant, they develop ideas and feelings associated with the dentist, so choosing a fun, safe, and gentle practice like Lollipop Dental can ensure they feel confident as they grow. You can also receive valuable information for every stage of their development at their regular visits. Our pediatric dentists use their education and experience to give each child the dental care they deserve!

Visit Us With Their First Tooth Or Birthday! 

We encourage every parent to give their child consistent dental care. But when should their dental visits begin for infants? We recommend scheduling your child’s first dental visit around their first birthday or when their first tooth comes in. Although they won’t have all of their teeth at this point, this is a great age to start building a foundation for their dental future. Our pediatric dentists will go the extra mile to help them enjoy their visit! Your child will get to sit in the dental chair and their dentist will look at their smile and see how the teeth are developing. If there are any areas of concern, your child’s dentist will discuss those with you. You’ll get a chance to ask questions and receive information on their oral care and development. Regular check-ups following their first visit are recommended and our team will help you understand how to best take care of your infant’s smile as it develops. Knowledge is power when it comes to the oral health of little smiles!

The Benefits Of Starting Dental Care Early

By starting their dental care at an early age, your child will have a better chance of avoiding dental fears and feel comfortable visiting the dentist! Our team can also ensure that their little smile develops properly as they age, ensuring a healthy, attractive mouth once they get all their teeth in. If your child only gets to know their dentist during dental emergencies, they will relate pain and fear to dental visits. This will cause them to avoid or dread dental visits as they get older. To prevent this, help your child grow at Lollipop Dental! We love seeing children age and transform over the years! 

It’s never too late to start giving your child regular dental care! If you are searching for a pediatric dentist in Long Beach, CA, Lollipop Dental is here to help!

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