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Growing Up at Lollipop

Every kid is welcome at Lollipop Dental! We have the privilege of seeing many kids grow up over the years as they visit our office for their dental check-ups. In fact, we see many foster children whose only stability is our dental office as they move from home to home. A healthy dental foundation is a gift we want every child to experience. By regularly visiting our office and building proper at-home dental habits, a foundation can be laid for a healthy smile. We want each kid to look forward to their dental visits and avoid any fears. By sticking to regular dental check-ups, problems can be caught and treated early, helping to avoid extensive treatment in the future.

Our team provides the same top-of-the-line care that we would give to our own kids. We view each child as an extension of our own family! We offer a pledge of no discriminations and each child will receive clinically special care from our team. We work together to give each child a smile they can be proud of. If you are looking for a pediatric dentist who really cares in Long Beach, CA, your search can end at Lollipop Dental! We welcome every child to grow up at Lollipop!

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